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In mediation a trained mediator guides disputing parties to reach agreement enabling the maintenance of long term relationships. Participants communicate more effectively due to the non-threatening, neutral environment provide by mediation.  And most people find that emotional hurt and pain along with the disruption from unresolved conflict can be reduced considerably using mediation.




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Areas of Practice


Divorce Mediation

In mediation, you and your spouse meet with a mediator to identify and resolve the issues so the two of you can end your marriage as amicably and cost effectively as possible. Issues that may be addressed include distribution of assets, child and/or spousal support, child custody, and other parenting or guardianship issues.


pre-marital mediation

This service is for those couple who wish to determine asset distribution and other matters prior to marriage. Many of our Divorce Mediation clients use this service when they are entering into a second marriage in order to ensure asset distribution for children of the first marriage.


elder Mediation

Oftentimes adult siblings will benefit from the services of a skilled mediator to assist them with the care of elderly parents and/or asset distribution to fund this care.  Elder Mediation may also be helpful to resolve asset distribution conflicts following the death of elderly parents.


Family Mediation

As children grow, separated or divorced couples may find the need to revisit parenting and custodial arrangements. In other instances, post-divorce couples may require mediation assistance to address Parent/Grandparent issues. Mediation can also be used to address issues such as succession planning or selling the family business.


Workplace Mediation

We offer mediation and other tools to resolve conflict in the workplace. Dave McDonald, is especially skilled at providing neutral and impartial services to assist in the resolution of workplace disputes. Types of employee grievances he has handled include peer to peer conflict, sexual harassment and EEO matters.


LGbt Mediation

In the United States, same-sex couples have full marriage rights.  Same-sex couples may face conflict such as asset distribution, child and/or spousal support and child custody issues when choosing to separate or divorce.  Co-habitation agreements can also be developed for LGBT couples choosing to live together but not marry.






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